Sister Sister


” We are family; I got all my sisters with me” Remember this Sister Sledge’s song?

I too believe in the dominant force in sisterhood. It is beyond words can explain, it is true, its is magical and unbreakable.

I have always admired powerful sisters: Debbie Hallen and Phylicia Rashad, the Mataano twins, The Williams, the Knowles, the Quann twins, Ibeyi twins and so on. The list can be longer.

My point is that sisters are powerful forces together. They can bring the best of each other. They know each other. They love each other no matter what.They are the pure gold life companion.

And when they join to create a project or business together, no doubt that it will be a success.

I recently fell in love with Yagazie Emezie and her sister Akwaeke. Their Instagram is pure sisterhood goal: laugh, creativity, entrepreneurship, friendship, and love all the way. Plus, their Indian and African mix remind me of my sisterhood gang.

On youtube, I just discovered Cinéstar , Zoe Saldana and her sisters Mariel and Cisely one stop channel about everything they care about. It’s fun; it’s lively, and honestly, you can feel the purpose reach a “normal woman” audience.

Enjoy these gems,


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