Back to School vibes


From top left to bottom: Alcála Fiesta in Tenerife; View on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Bazaara’Pagne pop up shop in Châtelet, Paris; Passage du Grand Cerf in Paris;  Mosquée de Paris Terrace; Africa Utopia Fashion Show in London.

Summer 2016 is behind us. It’s always good to regroup and have the luxury to put our life on hold. Life is what happen when you are busy making plans says, Lennon.

After dancing in a fiesta in Tenerife, getting lost in Paris streets, admiring the young African designers work in Paris & London, this fall, I am looking forward to these events or non-events.
Let me share that with you:

1.Café Society

2. Last days to see Duro Olowu exhibition “Making & Unmaking” at the Camden Arts Centre

3.Being picked to have dinner with my London fam at Ikea Dining Club

4.London Jazz Festival in November

5.Winter caving and Netflix marathoning



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