Currently in my blogroll: The one-stop blogs



Illustration by Christopher DeLorenzo – Instagram @chrisdelorenzo

Do you remember the first years when blogs started to be very trendy? You always had this blogroll section at different parts of the blog. I used to go directly to this section whenever I was landing on a new website. I was eager to find a new design/content/universe that was appealing to me. I still have this obsession, to be honest. Hence, the title of this post that will definitely be a recurrent series.

Let’s dive into my current blogroll obsession featuring what I like to call “one-stop blogs”. What is that? A blog where you can find content about a range of subjects such as lifestyle, fashion & style, food, cultural news, or reflections on life which obviously is my fave section – hope you will like it!

  • A cup of Jo, for EVERYTHING literally everything about life..from vacation planning to songs that define your life. Told you, everything is in it.
  • Latonya Yvette, for the bohemian lifestyle that you always dream to live.
  • Garance Doré, you would think that this website is about fashion mainly but no. I particularly love Garance personal posts (read her Letter to her 20 self)
  • BestofD, for some real talk about motherhood, body acceptance, reflections on society and fashion.
  • The Anna Edit, if you love a good lifestyle blog, this one is for you. The curator/editor is very dedicated to creating frequent posts about so many things.
  • Déja Vu the blog; this one is my cheat choice. It’s more about life in Paris, but eventually, it’s about differents aspects so it fits my assessment.
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere, one of the pioneer lifestyle blog. It is very well curated, organized around categories and the design is great also.

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