Everyday People: Fagny + Paris



Illustration by Veronica Dearly – Instagram @veronicadearly

Today we are debuting our first post in a new series called “Everyday People.”


The “Everyday people” series aim to portray differents peoples in different cities. We want our guest to feel at ease and share their universe with us. No trendy stuff, just the reality that they lives in. Also, here at The Mymy project we are very curious to know the relationship that you have with your city. So, yeah, please tell us more 😉

Welcome to Fagny Darya* & Thanks for sharing.

fagnydaryaSince when do you live in Paris?

I have lived in Paris for 5 years now.

What makes Paris so special?

Paris is Magic because of the  architecture and the museums

I really feel myself in Paris.

Pros & cons of living in this city?

Paris itself is the big pro!

While the cons are definitely the traffic, the expensive flats, also insecurity in some district.

Your favourite restaurant/brunch/boulangerie:

Restaurant: chez Van

Brunch: one in the 18th I don’t remember the name…(TBD)

Boulangerie: I’m more a patisserie girl let’s say Maison Pradier

Your favourite clothing/beauty shop:

Clothing: my friend Hennes and Mauritz.

Beauty: I don’t use any makeup

You favourite bookshop/museum/music venue:

The Louvre is my favourite museum. I try to go once a week, Friday night

In your opinion how would you qualify the Parisian way of life?

Going to a café or a bistrot. Meeting your friends, walking in the streets…

Give one word that describes your relationship with the city:

Love. I’m really in love with the city. I love going out, I love discovering new district, new café


Fagny Darya is one of our contributor/sister . She is also blogging in french at http://fagnydarya.blogspot.co.uk/. You can find her on Pinterest and also Instagram.


  • Chez Van: 65 Boulevard Saint-Marcel,75013 Paris, France.
  • Maison Pradier: Check out the 10 locations here.


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