Every day people: Lizzie + Oslo

This week, I am so thrilled to have my African Queen made in London playing the game with us and sharing her world on her new journey living in the capital of Norway: Oslo! 

My meeting with Lizzie is the one that you see in the movies. Me, alone entering in a coffee shop and waiting for a super late friend. She, sitting and smiling, comfortably seated in a nice and cozy sofa. There is no such thing as fate says the french! Now, that my ‘coup de foudre” friend is settled in Oslo, she is writing a blog, documenting life in the North. You can find her at ELIZ.ARESO‘s website. 

Let’s travel to Oslo through Lizzie’s eyes 😉 



Illustration by Petra Eriksson – Instagram @petraerkssonstudio


Since when do you live in Oslo?

I’m a newcomer to the city and moved here in July 2016. I am currently living in Tøyen and before shifting to Oslo I was living in East London.

What makes Oslo so special?

Oslo is a really cosy, relaxed city due to it’s size. Without losing its intimate feel it manages to offer a lot in terms of culture, activities and places to explore.

Pros / cons of living in this city?

Oslo is an all seasons city: in Summer there are plenty of places to swim outside and enjoy the sunshine and believe me, you need to do that while it’s here! In Autumn the colours are stunning and it’s bliss to head outside and have a walk or have a hot chocolate outside. In Winter the big con for me is that the snow hits and the pavements can get really icy. But in 30 minutes or so by you can be out of the city centre skiing. I’ve only experienced Spring in a week as a visitor, but it was exciting to notice the days getting longer and know that you’re moving towards warmer days. Another con for me would be that books are so expensive here, even paperbacks…

What is your most memorable moment as an “ Oslo inhabitant”/local?

The moment when I felt that I really could live here, when I noticed my level of Norwegian climbing up and I clicked out of my London mentality and started to appreciate Oslo’s charms. The city has won me over and I’m looking forward to my time living here.

Your favourite restaurant/brunch/pub:

As a true East London girl I’m always chasing after a good curry. It’s a pricey eat compared to London prices but for me Mother India in Bislett wins hands down.

Your favourite clothing/beauty shop:

Ah-ha, it’s been a long minute since I’ve shopped sadly (jobless student finances). But I’d vote for all the Fretex second hand stores dotted around the city. You can be lucky and find some great items of clothing, plus your money is going to a good cause.

Your favourite bookshop/museum/music venue:

For book’s choice I love El Dorado bookshop and Tronsmo too. For art you’ll find us at The Astrup Fearnley Museum or The National Musuem sites.

Give us 5 hotspots right now including restaurants, shoppings, clubbing:

Torggata Botaniske Bar for amazing cocktails, Rice Bowl for hearty portions of Thai food, Fruit and vegetable shops in Grønland, for worldwide choice and ingredients for Naija dishes, Javelin café in Kampen and Postkontoret in our own Tøyen for drinks, pizza and shuffleboard.

What is the best with people in Oslo?

They seem quiet and calm to me and are happy to help you and be patient with your basic Norwegian.

Give one word that describes your relationship with the city: Growing!


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