Currently in my blogroll: the French Blogs

When it comes to spending time on the internet, I have my “places” that I regularly go to.

Let’s me share my french blogs! They involve areas such as Fashion, Beauty but also Design.

  •  Ma Récréation is more than a beauty blog. Lili Barbey Coulon is a journalist at Le Monde the Magazine. One of the most respectful magazine in France. She is touching a range of subjects: travel, cooking, parenting, relationships with foods and body image and finally everything beauty. I love her original segments! The “10 commandements” segment is one where she invites a personality to spill their beauty secrets and it’s coupled with an original illustration made by her brother (I think? Bastien Coulon). There is also “Press Trip” where she invite an expert in the beauty department to talk about the products that he ( even though it’s mostly “she”) is bringing in his suitcase. Plus, she is super friendly and accessible, she will respond to her readers or Instagram followers. You can tell she loves communication! Definitely one of my all time fave.
  • Café Mode is a fashion blog written by Géraldine Dormoy. She is a journalist at L’Express and frankly she knows what she is talking about. I would go to her website to be in the known about french fashion, which designers release which collection, etc. She also blogs about books, culture and sometimes about her life. She is the one who made me discover Into the Gloss & Closet Visit and, for that I will be forever grateful !!!!!
  • Super by Timai is a very good beauty blogs. The blogger Mai is also very good at creating original videos. One of her most famous content is to go to someone’s place and to film their beauty routine while they are getting to go out. This is never boring, always funny and well directed 😉 Ps: her kids are beautiful! and PPS: once I saw her cycling close to Montorgueil in Paris she is so naturally beautiful…
  • The French Beauty Club is also normally on my french blogroll but for some reasons the website is in construction right now. Otherwise when it will be working again, please visit to see the beautiful vintage illustrations coupled with the tons of beauty advices.
  • The Socialite Family is a website about design. You enter into the world of the rich and famous. It’s simply beautiful in terms of media content and also well done editorially. They have an e-shop and they also have their own products that you can find at La Redoute, the online retailer.
  • Inside Closet is honestly now one of my weekly pleasure. I go and visit the website to see if the content is updated. The pitch is simple: you visit someone’s else flat in Paris or in other french cities. You get so much ideas and also there is an e-shop in the website.


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