Everyday people: Yasmine + Abidjan

There is something peculiar in each city that I visited. But there is something truly unique in Abidjan. “Enjaillement” a sort of local yolo attitude could describe best the place.

I had the pleasure to meet Yasmine through my sister Saraounia. I knew her before seeing her in person, by her food blog: Le Journal d’une foodie.

She is bold, she is funny and she is smart… Plus, hey she is a foodie so that simply says all! Go check her blog, her Instagram will make you want to straight-up book a ticket for Abidjan to eat all these amazing foods : poisson braisé, placali, sauce feuille…

Read everything about her “Abidjan”

Since when do you live in Abidjan?

I was born and raised in Abidjan. I have therefore always lived in Abidjan except for few months in Senegal and couple of years in the US.

What makes Abidjan so special?

Abidjan is a vibrant West African city. It is with great pleasure that I have seen the city evolved in a cultural hub with time. There is always something new in Abidjan. Especially as a food blogger, I can’t even tell how many restaurants have opened in the past 5 years. Abidjan is simply “flavorful”.

Pros/cons of living in this city?

Abidjan’s diversity reflects in almost everything. From its food to its people, you will never cease to be amazed. However, as the local say goes “ Abidjan est petit” which means “Abidjan is small” is, unfortunately, accurate.

Don’t get me wrong, Abidjan is a relatively large city with over 5 million people inhabitants. However, once in a  while, I get the feeling that I need to get away from it… as if our relationship could use a small break 🙂

What is your most memorable moment as a local?

I am truly not a soccer fan but as far as I can remember the best memorable moments were when the football national team won the AFCON ( Africa Cup of Nations) in 1992 and 2015. People were shouting, dancing, all over the streets, in every city of the country. Football somehow unifies people and it was something truly amazing and memorable.

Your favorite restaurant/brunch/music venue:

I would lie if I say that I have only favorite restaurant or brunch spot in the city. Since I started the amazing blogging adventure, I fell in love with a lot of places all over from Saakan as one of my favorite restaurants to Nougatine Patisserie Fine as one of my favorite brunch and BAO Cafe as one of my favorite music venues with their weekly Saturday night Live event: If You Got Soul!

In your opinion how would you qualify the Abidjan or Babi way of life?

Ivorians truly love to enjoy themselves, finding themselves in a maquis, at friend’s get-togethers or cultural events, you name it they are out and about.

Give one word that describes your relationship with the city:


Although I have lived here all my live, I really feel that I am always experiencing something new and I absolutely love it.


*illustration is from this designer that I discover at the Southbank center in an African art fair : Lulukitolo. She is from Kenya, go check her Instagram for news.

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