Personal Development corner – Carnet d’une late bloomer by Catherine Taret –

IMG_7324I’ve known since I’m 18 years old that I am a late bloomer.

It happened the day one of my close friend said in french: “Myriam, you know life is not a race”. I remember having this sensation of enlightment as if i was just the recipient of a mysterious secret to live happily. The best gift he ever give to me.

Reading Catherine Taret was just the reminder of this knowledge.

Her book “Carnet d’une late bloomer” talks about these peoples who are seeking their life purpose while others are making babies and taking credits for houses and cars.

It’s funny how these two groups of peoples can look down and envy themselves. There is no ideal situation other than the one that you are… Read this book now ! There is room for everyone even though society wants to make us think the contrary. La vie c’est aussi le chemin 😉

Want to know more about this concept ? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGlmjRa2cyE





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