Listening while commuting: Dear Sugar – The Infidelity series with Esther Perel

The illustration is from Kenesha Sneed – See her website, Instagram @tactilematter

I have recently discovered Esther Perel.

For someone who is deeply interested in love and relationships, this sounds pretty much like Marie Curie discovering radioactivity. OK, I know a bit too much, but this is really my enthusiasm.

She is a therapist, sex therapist, author, and speaker as a Google hyperlink website is informing me. She is well known for many books around the topic of sexuality. Also, she did many TED Talks.

I heard about her new Audible podcast “Where should we begin?”. But, I do not have Audible.


But, I listened to Dear Sugar, The infidelity series part 3 – one of the best podcast that I listened this year – and she is the bomb.

You can tell she is an expert on this matter, and she is giving a great perspective on:

  • why do peoples cheat?
  • what does that mean?
  • what to do if you want a monogamous relationship but you are seeing other peoples on the side
  • Is it really necessary to build a strong relationship to know the truth about infidelity into your marriage?
  • Why we all want a “passionate marriage”

Listen to that, and make your own mind

psstt… read this so actual : Relationship accountability and the rise of ghosting

watch also :


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