Listening while commuting – Dinner for one

Illustration by @ninacosford

Lately, I’ve been listening to some podcasts made in France ( by francophones or not).

Among this list one really caught my ears & attention: Dinner for one.

You probably know the host from her platform with her friends @almstparisienne on Instagram and Youtube. 3 girls sharing their experiences on being an “expat” in Paris and their path to be “locals”.

Dinner for one was created by one of them: Sutanya. She shares with simplicity and braveness her journey on choosing to stay in Paris after a separation, navigating in a city in a different language and always, always showcasing her love of FOOD.

I’m always drawn to people who show vulnerability in a simple and humble way. The point is always to build a bridge between us: sharing to illustrate the fact that we are all the same. One experience can be unique but the way we experiment emotions and overcome fears and struggles are something we can all relate to.

Give it a try… Listen to Dinner for one. The bonus is also the recipes 😉

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