Listening while commuting – Top list Podcasts of ALL TIME

Illustration by @micaidi

Podcasts are my jam, and it’s been for years, even before it began to be trendy.

I do not own a TV, and I’ve always dreamt to be a radio host. But being talkative does not make you a great host. Read and then listen to all these amazing podcasts I’ve listed here, and you will know what it takes the be a great host and make people listen to your show as if they are inviting you to their intimacy. This is my Easter Bunny gift for you 😉

1-Club Jazzafip

Jazz is my solo pleasure. I enjoy it in the morning, during the day and before going to bed. Club Jazzafip is just the best way I have to discover new sounds and new artists. I love this podcast so much, it’s definitely my favourite of ALL.

Jazz au Féminin épisode

2- Invisibilia

Invisibilia is probably the show that introduce me to this media. I discover NPR, the french version is France Inter. So much great quality contents on these two radios.

Favourite episode: There are so many … the latest one is very good about patterns but this one is mind-blowing: The Other Real World. If you love stories and everything related to the complexity of human brains, go for it.

3- Death, Sex, Money

What can I say, this is really my top list that I’m sharing and this one is so good. Again, stories about the most intimate subjects: death, sex and money!

This is one of this podcast that you will listen as soon as it is uploaded on your podcast application: subscribes and enjoy every bit of it.

Some favourite episode: Our Students Loan Money series 

4- Dear Sugar

Favourite episode: The Infidelities Series with Esther Perel. I have already written about this show in one post here.

5- Fresh Air 

Terry Gross is a natural interviewer, she is also brilliant. It’s a delight to listen to her hosts opening up and sharing their stories. Enjoy!

Lena Waithe episode

Aziz Ansari episode 

Trevor Noah episode

Hasan Minaj episode 

Hilary Clinton episode

5- État d’esprit in french with Noël Bréham

Favourite episode: Comment réinventer sa vie? avec Nicole Bordeleau. (How to reinvent your life?). I wrote a post a few months ago here.

5- La Poudre 

I’m probably one of the first followers of French journalist Lauren Bastide‘s podcast. Honestly, I love this girl. She embodies intersectional feminism in  France and anyone who says the contrary is just a hater.

My favourite episode: Léonora Miano => If you don’t know her, please do yourslef a favour and buy this book . Read my previous post about this podcast here.

6 – Super Soul  Sunday

Favourite Episode: Devon Franklin and Megan Good episode about their faith and the wait to have sex in a relationship.

French podcasts:

Par Jupiter

Grand bien vous fasse

They no longer record but they were pure gems:

Le Gai savoir

La vie est un je.

American podcasts: 

Snap Judgment

Change Agent

Still Processing 


UK podcast: 

Live.Life.Better by Melissa Hemsley



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