#Supportyourlocalgirlgang Part 2

Illustration by @celeste.iii   Buy her drawings & art here.

Two days ago, I went to my first talk at Le Comptoir des mots in the 20th arrondissement in Paris. It’s my favorite bookstore in Paris, with the best booksellers, really. The talk was about Jack Parker’s newest book: a collection of letters to their teenagers’self featuring others public figures including Lauren Bastide. It was true, authentic and powerful.

After this talk, I realised how feminine energies put all together can really create this sort of alchemy. I mean I knew this already, but it was great to see this in one impromptu event.At some point, one person in the audience asked this question: so what can we do at our level?

Then I remember this hashtag: #SupportYourLocalGirlGang!

My answer to this person: Read/Listen/Buy/Share/Celebrate & Support your local girl gang, Now!

#Supportyourlocalgirlgang was written last year. Where am at with my intentions? in Which directions I want to go now?

Here some actions & intentions I put to life:

  • creating a Feminist Book Club with my friend Bex. We are currently working on this list.
  • Giving my participation on some projects such as La Maison des femmes, Fraîches Women Festival, Africa Digest the newsletter, La vie en rose et vert from my friend Claire 😉
  • Being part of Afri-Love Women Facebook community, a creative women group created by Lulu Kitololo to promote, share and celebrate together our achievements.
  • Supporting initiatives like Les Robeuses (my sister Saraounia is one of them) a feminist group from Cote d’Ivoire that isn’t afraid to point out issues that women are still facing, but using humor and infographics 😉 Find them on Facebook too, if you want to see women empowerment from the continent.
  • Listening to some podcasts:  Quoi de Meuf, Commencer, Un podcast à soi ( so good !!!).
  • Watching 360 Géo: L’avenir est aux femmes Arte docu
  • Saluting the opening of Afrikrea, the first e-commerce platform for African designers, remember how I love our artists and I’m glad that they got to promote their creation.
  • Shout out to my best friend Maryline for keeping it up with her interior design business 6horizon , my friend Nadine with her freelance business in Cameroun (follow her on insta @missnadt or on FB @RobindeBrousse, finally on @zenuacademie  where she advocates & demystifies tech jobs for young peoples).

What about you, which actions /intentions did you make/set?




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