Every day people: Clara + Madrid

Illustration is by @lea_augereau, find her on insta and her website/shop.

When it comes to picking a random place you’re dreaming of living, I honestly pick Madrid 8 out of 10 times. I have this positive preconceived ideas about Madrileños and the city vibrant energy. Can I be honest? This is not just an idea, this is a reality.

Today, we’ll travel the second times to Madrid but through Clara’s eyes. Clara is like her city: spontaneous, witty & smart, creative & edgy but above all open and lovely. She is a born & raised Madrileña. She recently started her own jewellery shop that you can lurk on insta via her account @chm_ceramica.

Let’s now visit Clara’s city!

Since when do you live in Madrid?

I was born and raised in Madrid

What makes Madrid so special?

The sky! Madrid has an incredible sky! It is so beautiful … its unique blue colour makes the whole city vibrate!

Pros & cons of living in this city?

Pros: There are so many pros.. but maybe the most important one is the people. We are lucky to live in a place where plenty of people are willing to share, demonstrate, teach, learn, and have lots of fun!

I also like the size of the city. It is perfect to be a stranger and always meet new people but without feeling lost in a big city. Besides, you don’t have to spend hours going from one place to another!

Cons: it is becoming more expensive, and like in most of the European capitals, the downtown is losing a bit of its essence.

Your favourite restaurant/brunch/boulangerie:

This a difficult one, I love eating so much!!…

Restaurant: I love the traditional Spanish taverns. These bars are simple, and not pretentious. They are the perfect place to meet with friends, drink cañas and taste local food at affordable prices! La Ardosa in Malasaña is a good example.

Brunch: I’m not a Brunch girl, I prefer the Spanish Aperitivo, which is similar to brunch but without the “br” part! LOL! It goes basically like this: having breakfast at home and jump into the street to go directly to a sunny square or a Market such as El Mercado de San Anton in Lavapiés and have some “vermouths” there.

Boulangerie: quality Boulangeries are growing like mushrooms in Madrid! My favourites are Panic and La Panotheca

Your favourite clothing/beauty shop:

Clothing: PEZ I wish I could buy there more often! ;D

Beauty: hmmmm no idea! hahha

You favourite bookshop/museum/music venue:

Bookshop: La Central in Callao Square

Museum: Temporary exhibits of Reina Sofia Museum are always good, and especially those curated on their gallery at El Retiro Park, 20-minute walk from the museum.

Music Venue: there are many record stores in the city basements where you can find real treasures like Discos La Metralleta

In your opinion how would you qualify the Madrileños way of life?

Super fun and always surrounded by friends!

Give one word that describes your relationship with the city:


 Give us 5 hotspots right now including restaurants, shopping, clubbing:

  • Matadero Madrid. The old city slaughterhouse. It was renewed a few years ago and now is full of spaces for concerts, exhibitions, theatres, restaurants and a big multipurpose courtyard
  • El Escaparate. Small bar in El Mercado de Vallehermoso.
  • Florida retiro a posh terrace inside El Retiro Park, (better for nights).
  • Do. A cute store to find unique pieces to wear but also homeware.
  • Beer garden. Small bar with artisan beers and good music

Go visit and buy her creations on @chm_ceramica


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