Everyday people: Myriam + Paris

After a blog hiatus, I decided to emerge myself back by writing a new post onto my favourite feature: Everyday people.

Today, I’m talking about My Paris. Welcome to my version of the city of love.

It’s crazy, it’s sexy and it’s cool.

Welcome to MymyKoira’s Paris!

MyMyjolie Dessin

illustration by Tatou Dembélé


Since when do you live in Paris?

It’s been two years that I have relocated to Paris.

It has been a very long journey to be at peace with the city. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I have fallen in love with London state of mind and Paris’s mentality is way different than London and Montreal – cities that I lived for a while -.

What makes Paris so special?

So many things… On a personal level, I am not from Paris, but in a way, Paris is one of my homes. I have always been connected to the city. When my family was settled in Niger, West Africa, Paris was my auntie’s home. When we were in the Indian Ocean (Reunion), Paris was also home of friends & fam. You always have someone close in this city.

What makes Paris so special for me is that it’s surprisingly a welcoming city.

When I was living abroad and missing my Reunionese side and my West African side, coming back in Paris was a way to be in contact with my dual cultures. Listening to peoples, seeing the diversity, eating meals from abroad, dancing on some new African jam or Maloya and Sega (music from Reunion Island and Mauritius). Paris is the point in the middle.

Pros/cons of living in this city?

It’s so cliché to say Parisians are rude, and truthfully, I don’t believe Parisians are the downside of the city. The downside is the big city lifestyle, the rhythm, people always running, not seeing each other, not acknowledging each other presence’s.

But hey you can find this in NYC and other big cities.

The good side of living in Paris is the CULTURE.

You knew that already, didn’t you? Paris is so beautiful. There is always something to do, exhibition, cultural centre, book club, talks and conferences, art or book fairs, theatres, Museums or just walking around or drinking a café in a new place. I mean honestly, I live in East Paris and I always have something to do in my area.

The other good side is that although living in the centre is not affordable to everyone, having hobbies and doing cultural stuff is for every pocket. And honestly, this is Paris (my socialist part is so proud of that). You cannot access to cultural events everywhere depending on what you make.

Again, living here means seeing different peoples that I love very often. Everyone will come and go but Paris is a stopping spot.


Another thing that I love right now is the independent bookshops and the discussion around feminism and especially intersectional feminism happening lately… For a long time, media have placed a certain type of Parisian women at the center. With Twitter, webzines (madmoizelle for example), podcasts and Instagram, I feel like there are more rooms for diversity. Thanks Jesus!

Your favourite restaurant/brunch/boulangerie


Everyone who knows me knows that I have my brunch place in Paris: It’s Boy in Montmartre.

It’s homemade and it’s good. I recommend the brioche, the pancakes and the avocado toast.

(43 rue notre dame de lorette 75009 Paris)


In my area there is a good one, it’s right in front of Le Comptoir des mots : Savary Nathalie Marie Micheline – 204 rue des pyrénées 75020 Paris.

Also, Landemaine is a good chain. But if you want the true croissant experience go help yourself at Du Pain et des idées. (34 rue Yves toudic 75010 Paris)

You can also go to Gérard Mulot for good pastries. (93 rue de la Glacière 75013 Paris). 



So many options, but I will pick these ones:

  • L’As du falafel – not a restaurant but a foodie experience in Paris (32 -34 rue des rosiers 75004)
  • Waly Fay – a senegalese restaurant ( 6 rue Godefroy de Cavaignac 75011)
  • Ethiopia (89 rue du Chemin vert 75011)
  • Toritcho in the south for very good sushi. (47 rue du Montparnasse 75014)


Your favourite clothing/beauty shop:

Vintage shop first: I love me some Episode in rue Tiquetonne. I love a good vintage shop. This is my favourite one in Paris.

I’m lazy so most of the clothes that I buy are from “the internet”. Online Shopping is the best. Monki, Finery Uk, Nice Things Palomas these are my favourite stops.

If I want to treat myself I go to COS and & Other Stories close to Rue Montmartre. H&M Trends is also a good choice.


You favourite bookshop/museum/music venue:


The Fondation Louis Vuitton is my favourite museums lately. The venue is huuuge and it’s great. I love buying some postcards or any ads to keep as a souvenir after an exhibition.

The Grand Palais and Musée d’Orsay are on my top 3.


I love big venues such as Bercy or Olympia. But I love some more intimate place like Le Duc des Lombards a jazzy spot in the centre.


Give us 5 hotspots right now including restaurants, shopping, clubbing:

Oh boy my hotspots will reveal how much I am no longer a party girl.


1- Le comptoir des mots in the XXe arrondissement – independent bookshops with amazing talks and conferences.

2- La Marbrerie in Montreuil, just discovered it this summer while attending Black Movie Summer Festival. It’s a nice concept store: food, cultural venue. you get all the entertainment that you want.

3- Omaki, again recently this west African restaurant ( love it ) ( 65 rue Letort 75018).

4- Café Mirabelle – a brunch and food heaven in the XIth

5 – Barav’ wine bar an institution in East Paris.


In your opinion how would you qualify the Parisian way of life?

Artsy and Edgy.


What is the best with Parisians?

How eclectic they are.


Give one word that describes your relationship with the city:

I will use more than one word but a mix of two Facebook relationship status :

Engaged & It’s complicated.


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