Everyday People House Tour: Sara in London

Fancy lurking on other people’s place but fed up to see things and places you can’t relate &/or are not inspired? This is for you: a new feature on @themymyproject#everydaypeoplehousetour

For our first tour, welcome to @sferrarelle warm and colorful place.

Enjoy 😊

Since when do you live in this flat ? 

Spring 2017

How did you find it? (if there is a story behind it) 

I have been living in London for the past 10 years and I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to finding the right place to live in London. I spent my first 7 years in the same flat which is quite unusual for a Londoner but as I said I was very lucky. 

I had the best years of my life and had the opportunity to share that place with amazing bright people which I still call my London Family even if some of them are now moved back to their own country for better opportunities.

Back in 2017 I decided to move from the creative East London vibe to North West London the reason why I did such drastic change (if you live in London you know what i mean) is because my sister’s family had an opportunity to move to Singapore and at that time I was feeling i needed  a change so I decided to moved into their own flat and i am still happy for that.

Which Neighborhood? Why?

South Hampstead 

Your favorite room?

Living Room

What does “home sweet home” evoke you?

I think it is the place where you feel safe.

If you had to find three words that describes your place

Colourful, Cosy and Happy 

If your place would be a song or a type of music, what would it be? 

I am mainly into indie and dance/electronic – is so difficult to make a decision but i picked this two songs:

Blur – there are too many of us 

Housse of Racket – Chateau 

What is the last item you bought for your place? 

Veggie box from local shop (surviving mode)

Do you like to have people over? Yes or no, explain why. 

I usually do but, with the current quarantine situation I am not 😦

La Mode, La Mode, La Mode*: could you share any (fashion (clothing or jewelry) or beauty) items that you love

Grey Sad Sweater – Tawainese designer Rara 

Green boots – Jimmy Choo

Facial Cleansing Brush – Sunmay

Duvet Cover – Helen B Dutch Designer https://helenb.be/

What do you do (job/ hobbies) ?

I work for Jimmy Choo in the Finance Department.

My hobbies are gardening, cooking, yoga, learning japanese (I don’t feel like i am improving but i would  like to suggest you to try “Drops App” i think is brilliant and helps a lot to increase your vocabulary) mmm what else, i think i really enjoy browsing on the web to find and get inspired by talented people, stay updated on technologies and new programs that could help us to improve our life in the future or simply having fun using new apps – i recently discovered TikTok and i am still trying to figure it out but is quite funny and I believe it has a potential.

What are your top 5 activities in general ( just to get to know you better 😊) 

I guess my activities in this quarantine period we are living in are quite different from before.

So, i would say that my top activities at the moment are cooking a lot, looking after my plants,  growing indoor veggies (this is my quarantine challenge), stay in touch with my loves one, reading and watching Netflix.

Sara’s Living Room

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