Everyday people House Tour: Sutanya #Paris

Remember this Listening while commuting article? I was talking about Dinner for one, a podcast about love & food. My two favourite thing on earth. Today, on this new Everyday people house tour, Sutanya host of Dinner for one is opening her home door and this is a delight.

Since when do you live in this flat ?

I have had the privilege of living in this apartment since June 2013. 

How did you find it? (if there is a story behind it)

I didn’t find it, my ex-husband did. I was back home in New York City tieing up loose ends before moving to Paris and he found this gem. 

Which Neighborhood? And why this one particularly?

In the 18th arrondissement, Jules Joffrin. I didn’t choose it.  Initially, I wanted to live in Buttes Chaumont neighborhood but I think divine intervention made sure that I lived here because I am absolutely obsessed with it. 

Your favorite room?

Can I have two favorite rooms? 🙂 

  • My living room because it is colorful, cozy and bright. It’s also where I house most of my books—my loves—that I go back to often and am reminded how much each of them means to me.  
  • My kitchen because it’s the heart of my home. Food is a very important part of my life, so it’s where I cook dinners that nourish my body and soul. 

What does “home sweet home” evoke you?

“Home sweet home” is the place where I feel the most comfortable. Where I house memories and objects that hold a special place in my heart. 

If you had to find three words that describes your place

Can I have four? 😉 Feminine, cozy, intimate, energetic 

If your place would be a song or a type of music, what would it be? 

a mix of Bossa Nova and Trip Hop 😉 

What is the last item you bought for your place? 

Books, does that count 🙂 

Do you like to have people over? Yes or no, explain why. 

YES!  Always! I love cooking and hosting. I love sharing my space and food is my love language so voila. 🙂 

La Mode, La Mode, La Mode: could you share any (fashion (clothing or jewelry) or beauty) items that you love:

I actually hate everything in my closet at the moment. I have too much stuff and none of them speak to me. 

What do you do (job/ hobbies) ?

Job: copywriter

Hobbies: writing, exercise, podcasting, cooking

If you are a foodie, do you have some favorite cookbooks?

I have used several cookbooks but I haven’t found THE one yet. I am on the hunt though. 

What are your top 5 activities in general ( just to get to know you better 😊 ) 

I’m obsessed with Spinning, the exercise. That’s one of the first things I am going to do once the confinement is over and my gym is reopened. I will probably be so overwhelmed with emotion after the first class back that I will cry. Ahahahaha 

Reading:  I’ve always been a reader, it relaxes me and transports me to magical places.

Cooking: Cooking for myself became a ritual after the end of my marriage, it helped me find my way back to loving myself. 

Apéro: Yes, for the wine but also to enjoy my friends and this beautiful city at the same time. 

Brocanting: Yes, I’ve made brocante into a verb, brocante is the French word for flea market. One of my favorite activities to do in the Spring + early Summer is to hit up Paris’s brocantes. I find so many gems! 

Do you have any rituals?

Besides exercise, my skin routine is pretty important. It’s not a 10 step routine but it’s the best way that I’ve found to unwind at the end of the day. 

Find Sutanya on insta, on fb & on dinner for one website.

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