Everyday people House Tour: Abraham & Nicole #LA

This one is close to my heart, because it’s featuring my little cousin and his funny & witty wife. They recently got married, and it has been on my list to visit ( another visit because the wedding trip doesn’t count). I’m always joking that the house is “apartment therapy” material. I’m glad they are part of the Everyday people house tour. Oh and also, you can see Abraham playing on the last season of Boomerang BET. Because yes, he’s an actor.

Since when do you live in this flat ?

October 2018

How did you find it?

Abraham found it on Zillow and scheduled a visit without Nicole knowing. When we drove up to the house for our appointment, Nicole almost made Abraham cancel the appt – the outside of the house was a yellow that hadn’t been refreshed in 30 years. However, when we went inside it was absolutely beautiful with all the original character of a 1930s home. It was definitely a diamond in the rough.

Which Neighbourhood? Why?

Mid-City, Los Angeles. Super central to all of LA with more affordable housing options

Your favourite room?

Our Living Room 🙂

What does “home sweet home” evoke you?

It evokes feelings of joy, boredom, and the outdoors. We get a lot of great light in every room and especially outside.

If you had to find three words that describes your place

Spacious, homey, bright.

If your place would be a song or a type of music, what would it be? 

Funk, soul music, Afrobeat, chill house music.

What is the last item you bought for your place?

An outdoor umbrella for our patio!

Do you like to have people over?

Yes or no, explain why. Yes. We love entertaining and finally have the outdoor space to do it. 

What do you do (job/ hobbies) ?

Nicole is a Product Manager at Roku and Abraham is a Television and Film Actor, Writer, Producer

If you are a foodie, do you have some favourite cookbooks?

What are your top 5 activities in general ( just to get to know you better 😄 ) 

We love Hiking

The beach

Watching movies

Seeing family when possible


Do you have any rituals?

Every morning we love to play music and make coffee.

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