Everyday people House Tour: Elene #Sãopaulo

This week-end, we are travelling to South America! You can tell by the pics and details that this is a designer space. Let’s meet Elene an accessories & bags designer behind Arteria. Enjoy 😊

I live and work in São Paulo city (280km from Barra Bonita), which is the biggest city in Brazil. I moved to SP 15 years ago to study Fashion Design. During my graduation I started to work in the fashion market till 2012 when I launched my own brand called Artéria together with my business partner and friend Julia. Arteria is a brand of bags and accessories that transforms.

I have been with André since 2003, got married in 2015 and after spending a few years in SP we finally moved to Barra Bonita in 2018. 

As I mentioned before, my husband actually lives in Barra Bonita with our dog Pitu while I am in between two places due to work. I basically spend the whole week in SP and come to the countryside over the weekend to switch off from the chaotic city and spend time with my loved one.

I’m Taurus, he is Virgo.

Since when do you live in this flat ?  

About 2 years.

How did you find it? (if there is a story behind it) 

My husband and I built the house in 2,5 years (we started in 2015) which is in the countryside of São Paulo in my hometown called Barra Bonita. It’s a small town with 35k citizens. We wanted a home with a lot of sunlight, green space and simple lines.

Which Neighbourhood? Why? 

It is called Jardim das Orquideas (Orchid’s Garden), this neighbourhood is a quiet place in the city, where I spent my childhood.  

Your favourite room? 

My kitchen and my backyard

What does “home sweet home” evoke you?

Peace and where I wanna be.

If you had to find three words that describes your place

Light, Life & Joy

If your place would be a song or a type of music, what would it be? 

O Show Tem que Continuar – Beth Carvalho”

What is the last item you bought for your place? 

I don’t remember but I’m 100% sure it was a kitchen utensil.

Do you like to have people over?

I love to have my family & friends over, host people and prepare them our special homemade breakfast or  organise evening parties in the backyard however, I also love to have some time alone with my husband and Pitu dog <3.

La Mode, La Mode, La Mode: could you share any items that you love

Oh yes, my KUBUS bag, from Artéria, I just loooove how versatile it is ❤

What do you do (job/ hobbies) ?

I’m Co-Founder of Artéria and A_linea

I am currently studying natural perfumery and medicinal plants.

My hobbies now are growing food, cooking lots recipes as I have never had time before and playing tarot. 

If you are a foodie, do you have some favourite cookbooks?

Not yet, I am actually  using my family’s traditional recipes and googling the others I want to try.

What are your top 5 activities in general ( just to get to know you better ☺️ ) 

  1. Create new bags
  2. Natural Perfumery
  3. Take care of my plants
  4. Taekwondo 
  5. Yoga

If you like reading, do you have some favourite books?

At this moment: my aromatherapy books and I just turned 33 and a friend made a book for me, it’s about crystals, gemstones and energy and I’m reading it now!.

Do you have any ritual?

Many. The last introduction to my life during quarantine is to pray the rosary daily, it brings me a lot of peace before sleep.

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