Everyday people House Tour: Mymy #Paris

Ok, so this one is a long overdue. But hey in this covid-19 era, the truth is it’s time to give some love to your home.

Welcome to my home!

Since when do you live in this flat ? 

I’ve been living in the 20eme for  4 years now. I live in a studio flat with a separate kitchen. In Paris, we call it a T1, which means you do not have a separate bedroom but the bathroom and kitchen are different rooms.

How did you find it? (if there is a story behind it)

So, before settling back in Paris, I was in London. And I think, I decided at some point that if I have to live again in Paris it has to be on the 20eme. I have lived in the 17eme, the 19eme but really like honestly, the 20eme is the best. 

My thoughts were to find an area that I identify with and just stick with it. 

Then, I remembered, just one day after my arrival in Paris, I booked 3 viewings in the area. My flat was the first one. TO be honest, I think I got the flat because the realtor was a foodie and loved food from Reunion Island. (especially the Rougail Saucisses – my favorite meal from Reunion) 

Which Neighbourhood? Why?

See previous answer

Your favourite room?

It has to be the main room which is the only LOL. I do love it so much! 

For this big mirror that really gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

For the light inside – even during winter –

For the house plants and the colour. 

And for the fact that even if it’s small, it still can have all my Parisian circles inside. ( in a pre-covid period)

What does “home sweet home” evoke you?

Warmth,  Safety, Temple or spiritual nest where you can recharge from the outside world. 

If you had to find three words that describes your place

Eclectic, simple, open.

If your place would be a song or a type of music, what would it be? 

A mix of bryson tiller and tiwa savage with of course a splash of Knowles Sisters. Is it a musical genre? 

What is the last item you bought for your place? 

A Desk now that I’m a remote worker. But I want to invest in a bigger fridge now with more storage room.

Also, If I move to a bigger flat, I want more plants obviously.

Do you like to have people over? Yes or no, explain why. 

I do. I grew up in a household where you will always have my parent’s best friends over or their families. 

We would do parties, game boards, just dance like that. And obviously cook delicious meals for 10 000 people. Always a good reason to celebrate life.

What do you do (job/ hobbies) ? I work for a search engine.

  • If you are a foodie, do you have some favourite cookbooks? 

LOL, I love these questions as I’m the one who picks them ahaha! I have so many favorite cookbooks. Like for example Trish Deseine was for a decade my favourite cook. Then, I think it was Jane Hornby, author of What to cook and how to cook it and the BBC food books. 

Now, I guess, it’s Alison Roman And Yotam Ottolenghi. I realize there are no french cooks, Does Keda Black count (she is living in France?). 

  • What are your top 5 activities in general ( just to get to know you better 😉 ) 

Talking to my loved one on Whatsapp, houseparty, Marco Polo… anything. 

Cooking for my tribe

Embroidery is my latest hobby, but I do love to create things in general.

Brunch with the friends and fam 

Watching a good tv show .

Spending money loooool I am such a libra for that. Very talented on this one. (this one is not a real one)

  • Do you have any rituals?

So many! 

I have a whole 2 hours rituals in the morning in order to set the mood: 

Having my morning coffee in my bed. It has to be my favourite italian coffee from nespresso. 

Praying and meditations. Journaling in my gratitude journal. 

Listening to my favourite radio podcast Par Jupiter on French radio France inter. Then I will listen to La bande originale. 

Having a 20 to 30 minutes workout. 

Having my smoothie with so much good stuff : fruits, vegetables and super aliments. 

Then a shower and a nice outfit and ready to slay. 

In the evening, I will call my parents, sisters. Every single day.

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