Behind the Mymy Project


The MyMy Project is a group of curators and editors spread around the world.

Essentially, three sisters (from the same mother) Saraounia, Fagny, Mymy living in different countries, living different lives, having different interests but with one unique aspiration: to make the most of this thing call life and spread the love.

The Mymy Project is a digital magazine created for the urban-countryside-cosmopolite-geeky-foodie-procrastinator-kind human.

We wrote in French, English and sporadically Spanish. We are interested in a multitude of topics. Our aim is in a nutshell: sharing/communication/creating.

We love food, music, books, arts, politics, everything beauty, everything fashion, and we love LOVE!

The only rule is to create authentic content. We believe the internet’ primarily benefit is to bring us together. Blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages such as Human of New York are the living proof of how we are so similar.
Even in all our differences, we are the same.

The MyMy Project’s mission is to build bridges between cultures, continents, ages, sexes.

Our values are kindness, caring for each other, simplicity, authenticity and joy.Oh! And also feeding the ones we love 😉

Enjoy your visit here

(Photo credit: Myriam as seen in Paris street “club du bonheur” in English “happiness club” 😊)

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