Currently in my Blogroll: the UK Blogs

My UK blogroll is a mix of my interests: beauty, dating, lifestyle, natural hair. But also, they are reflecting my need of freedom. The freedom to define myself the way I want, without having social pressure, or scrutiny by anyone surrounding me.


Gal-Dem Magazine #1 issue on


  • Gal-Dem is a feminist digital magazine.This website is written by differents curators. A real #blackgirlmagic empowerment tool made in the UK. They speak freely about porn, fashion, arts, break-ups and even acne. I mean it is simply intelligent and bold. Bookmark it or save it on your browser now !
  • Amerleyo is a one stop blog. A place where you find everything about dating, love, lifestyle tips, weight loss, everything. I have discovered Amerley for the first time by reading Psychologies magazine UK. Then we met each other after I gladly reach out to her on Instagram. Such an interesting encounter ! I truly love her voice. The way that she talks openly and honestly about her journey to love, and to be the best version of herself. She is a source of inspiration.
  • ThandieKay is the blog of Thandie Newton and Kay Montano. I love this blog, mostly because of the content. They started the blog when they saw a niche to openly discuss natural beauty, black beauty… now it is about more than black feminism. But it’s a big part of the message.
  • Again with my love for Digital magazines, I will have to add The Debrief & Get the Gloss. The Debrief is so funny and unapologetic, oh my please go click on the link and start reading.

*illustration is by Jade Schultz. Check her out on Insta!

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