Listening while commuting: 2 Dope Queens – WNYC

If you are a fan of the Daily Show, like I am Jon Stewart era and Trevor Noah era, you probably know Jessica Williams. She is very talented  and funny journalist. You should listen to her one to one talk with Sophia Amuroso for the Girlboss podcast to know more about how she landed into  the media world.

She partnered with Phoebe Robinson, author of You can’t touch my hair: and other things I still have to explain (this remind me of Fagny’s post about her personal experiences) and together they create one of the most funny podcast. Controversial also sometimes just because I feel like race is really one of their favourite subject and dating also…

Please find some times to listen to this podcast now !

and Please do let me know on the comments if you know the name of the person who did their illustrations !




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