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*Illustration in cover is by Favianna Rodriguez, an illustrator-activist, check her tumblr and work here.

Two days ago, I receive an alert from one of my favourite app IG. I have been tagged by a friend – the photo was taken back then when I was in Tenerife for my friend Lizzie’s wedding. I was there, sitting  with two beautiful girls drinking Tinto di Verano in a terrace, livin’ la vida loca.

There were many hashtag but one particularly caught my attention:


I honestly read this hashtag 5 times at least … weird no?

Truth is I’m a girl’s girl (I’m also a guyfriend type of girl tbh). From my  two best friends/sisters to my girlfriend crew that I know for years, I have always been surrounded by this positive and supportive women cercle  Love them till death do us part.

Reading this made me,first think about them and the importance of women in my life.

How they help me be the woman that I grow up to be, and still working on to be.

How they supported me through some phases where I needed to understand myself, accept my personality, my body, my differences (physical/spiritual/political/sexual).

Hours of talking, “refaire le monde” in French, questioning tiny details of our society, images of ourselves, every possible subjects that you could think of, honestly.


Then, I also thought about the women that inspired me, from writers like Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, Abba Dawesar, Zadie Smith, musicians like Esperanza Spalding, Solange Knowles, Nina Simone, I could go on and on from politicians, activists or women in my local communities that are working on improving things they believe they can change.

At that point in my reflections, one thing was clear: I am inspired by women.

Funny coincidence is that yesterday was the Women March’s around the globe, and I was with my local girl gang (real sista & sista from anotha motha). All of this made me want to set some intentions toward this realization.

Should I support MORE my local girl gang*, and by local girl gang here I’m talking about all women that are geographically next to me and trying to make a difference?

Here some intentions that I have set:


There are so much beauty and force by sticking together and joining our voices to one another. This year, my intentions should be conducted more than ever by understanding, open mindedness and love while staying fierce and confident ;-D

Please, do reach out to me, whenever !




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